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WIN PRIZES!!!   Don’t forget to turn in pictures of your favorite UGLY sweaters… or your friend’s ugly sweaters!  You could win a great prize from WQTT next Friday, Nov. 16th.  Visit our Facebook Fan Page to post your picture or email it to us at qt1270mornings at gmail.com


Today we asked you the questions, “What is your Thanksgiving “alternative” dinner?”   Maybe it is tofurkey!  We asked on the air and on our Facebook page.  Thanks for all of the great responses!!   Everyone’s answer can be seen on our Facebook page.

We also talked about World Kindness Day, and how to show kindness to people.  We asked the question, “Is Technology Killing Kindness?”  Some great responses from our Facebook page:

 “I don’t know if it is killing kindness, but being mean is on the rise. It is too easy for some people to hide behind their keyboards and express whatever they want. They don’t use their real names or change their names so they can’t be held accountable.”(Marty)

“The greatest thing technology has created is to communicate faster. unfortunately there are weak people in the ‘communication world’ as we know it…the only way to stop them is to ignore them.” (Samantha)

Also, thank you, Nolan, for commenting via text.  Listen to his response here.

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Today we hosted Stacy Penhorwood from Windsor Seniors, one of our United Way Member Agencies.  Listen to her full interview here. 


Santa is coming to WQTT’s Mark and Angie in the Morning, and the gifts are for YOU!!  Join us for all the details of this great promotion beginning Nov. 16th.

By the way, Santa left us a special message yesterday… It’s great!  Have a listen!


Today’s Mind Bender was “Bond, Common Bond”.  What do these three things have in common? Bowler, beanie, and bonnet.   Congratulations to Mindy of Plain City for guessing it correctly!!  Thanks to everyone for playing along!  More games tomorrow!!

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We are talking Thanksgiving, and all week long we will ask you to respond to our talk topics about your holiday traditions.  Tune in beginning at 6 am!!  Don’t forget you can always listen online at QT1270.com.  


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